What Is The Age Rating For Glee?

What is the best season of Glee?

The general consensus is that Glee’s best season was its 22-episode first season, which is true.

But I would go further than that.

The best “season” of Glee is actually its first 13 episodes, produced in one chunk, before the last nine episodes of season one were produced later..

Why is gifted PG 13?

Gifted is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for thematic elements, language and some suggestive material. Violence: Characters discuss and are sorrowful over parents who have disowned their children. … Adults use their influence over children for their own purposes. A child feels betrayed by adults in her life.

What is gifted rated PG 13 for?

WHY THE MPAA RATED IT: PG-13 For thematic elements, language and some suggestive material.

Are the Simpsons PG?

Generally, The Simpsons gets a TV-PG rating, which may or may not include: mild suggestive dialogue (D), infrequent mild language (L), mild violence (V), or mild sexual situations (S). … Some episodes on this list, however, are just rated TV-14.

What age rating is the gifted?

PG-13Age Appropriate For: 13+.

Why should I watch Glee?

Glee is an amazing television series that emphasizes the unique traits each and every one of us possesses. From watching this masterpiece, we witness several normative aspects of everyday high school life, including friendships, relationships, social hierarchies, and, among many other parts of life, SLUSHIES!

What platform is glee on?

HuluHulu is getting its hands on the streaming rights to a new lineup of shows, including every episode of How I Met Your Mother, MASH, NYPD Blue, and Glee. Episodes for these shows are expected to be added to the service over the next few weeks.

What age rating is South Park?

New episodes are always rated TV-MA, meaning the show is intended for adult audiences.

Is all of the good place on Netflix?

Until its Netflix release date, The Good Place Season 4 is currently streaming on the NBC website and app, while the most recent five episodes are also on Hulu. Seasons 1 to 3, meanwhile, are on Netflix now. … The Good Place Season 4 is streaming now on the NBC website and app.

Is Glee a 15?

Parents need to know that Glee is an edgy teen comedy featuring a diverse cast, positive messages of cooperation and acceptance, and topics such as homophobia, bullying, substance abuse, teen sex, death, and other envelope-pushing topics.

Is South Park appropriate for a 13 year old?

South Park is ABSOLUTELY NOT for kids under at least age 15. In the United States, South Park is rated TV-MA, However since 2017, reruns of Seasons 1–20 have been re-rated TV-14-DLSV (In their uncut original form) most likely because of the Internet and 14 year olds hear worse things on YouTube.

Can a 13 year old watch Glee?

Glee already has a rating of 14+, which is appropriate because by this age most children have had Sex Education and can understand the innuendo without badgering their parents for answers.

Is gifted on Netflix?

Unfortunately for fans in the United States, The Gifted won’t be coming to Netflix anytime soon. … Unless FOX and Netflix strike a new deal The Gifted won’t be coming to Netflix. Instead, you’ll have to rely on Hulu or FOX’s own applications to watch past and current episodes of The Gifted.

Why is the good place Rated PG 14?

Certification. Sex & Nudity (4) Violence & Gore (4) Profanity (2)

Will there be a good place season 5?

‘The Good Place’ season 5 is officially canceled. The good news is, with the series being available on Netflix, fans can binge it anytime they want.

Is the good place kid appropriate?

The Good Place, it turns out, is a series of sprawling suburbs, each one designed to meet all the needs of its (un-?) … It all comes together in a show that’s mild but fun and good for whole-family watching with tweens on up.

Does Glee swear?

Glee was one of the cheeriest shows to ever grace television screens, but behind-the-scenes a murky curse has long-prevailed among its troubled cast and crew.

Can a 16 year old watch South Park?

There are a number of episodes I would never show to my parents. I’d say maybe wait until 17 yrs old to start. I think 14 is too young for a show like South Park which would be R-rated and not for children under 17 without parental guidance. So definitely wait until you can watch R-rated movies.