Question: What Does Ill Conceived Mean?

What is the meaning of imprudent?

: not prudent : lacking discretion, wisdom, or good judgment an imprudent investor..

What is an example of belligerent?

An example of belligerent is a person who constantly starts fights with others. Belligerent is defined as a state, nation or military personnel at war or ready to fight. An example of belligerent is Germany in World War II.

Are you pregnant from the day you conceive?

Pregnancy doesn’t start the day you have sex — it can take up to six days after sex for the sperm and egg to join and form a fertilized egg. Then, it can take three to four days for the fertilized egg to completely implant itself in the lining of the uterus.

What does ill designed mean?

: badly planned : not showing good judgment an ill-conceived attempt to save money.

What is Dolo?

Put simply, dolo is “solo,” e.g., I’m rolling dolo into the club, or going alone as opposed to with friends. Dolo can also mean “secretly” or, to use another slang expression, on the down low. Dolo often appears in the phrase solo-dolo, which can mean doing something alone but, apparently, being chilled about it.

What is the meaning of blatant lie?

very obvious and offensiveSomething blatant is very obvious and offensive. Don’t get caught in a blatant lie, because you won’t be able to weasel your way out of it. Blatant acts are done without trying to hide them.

Does conception mean the day you get pregnant?

The date of conception is the day on which a person’s baby is conceived. The calculator also estimates a possible range of days during which sexual intercourse might have led to conception based on sperm being viable for 3-5 days within a woman’s body.

What does dictum mean?

1 : a noteworthy statement: such as. a : a formal pronouncement of a principle, proposition, or opinion awaiting the king’s dictum.

What does drastically mean?

in a drastic manner: in a drastic manner : severely or seriously The industry has changed drastically over the last 30 years.

What does poorly conceived mean?

When you don’t spend enough time planning or thinking things through, the result is likely to be an ill-conceived scheme of some kind. … Something that’s conceived is thought of, planned, or imagined, and when you add the prefix ill, you get something that’s planned badly.

What does ill received mean?

Adjective. ill-received (comparative more ill-received, superlative most ill-received) Poorly received; not enjoying the positive reception expected.

How do you spell ill conception?

adjective. badly conceived or planned: an ill-conceived project.

What does belligerent mean?

belligerent, bellicose, pugnacious, quarrelsome, contentious mean having an aggressive or fighting attitude. belligerent often implies being actually at war or engaged in hostilities. belligerent nations bellicose suggests a disposition to fight.

Does conceive mean the day I got pregnant?

Conception date is the day on which a baby was conceived, that is, the day on which the father’s sperm fertilised the mother’s egg.

What does conceived mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to become pregnant with (young) conceive a child. b : to cause to begin : originate a project conceived by the company’s founder. 2a : to take into one’s mind conceive a prejudice.

What does elated mean?

marked by high spirits: marked by high spirits : exultant.