Question: What Are The Top 10 Episodes Of The Office?

Who got the most screen time on the office?

Michael ScottAccording to Stewart’s calculations, the character who received the most screen time in the show is — you guessed it — Michael Scott, with Dwight claiming second, and Jim and Pam claiming third and fourth place, respectively..

Why does Michael hate Toby so much?

Michael despises Toby because, according to Michael, his job is to “make the office fun, while [Toby’s] job is to make the office lame.” Michael’s often-successful self-delusions that he is the life of the party frequently have a light shined on them by Toby’s interactions with him.

What is your favorite Office episode?

Originally Answered: What is your favourite episode of the office (USA)? I have a ton of favorites including Beach Games, Stress Relief, Casino Night, The Injury, Dinner Party, Goodbye Michael, Threat Level Midnight, Cafe Disco, to name a few. Probably my all time favorite is season 2 episode 3, Office Olympics.

Was creed or Toby the Scranton Strangler?

Creed is the Scranton Strangler due to the many suggestions that he has killed many times before. Including the Murder episode where he comes in all bloody. Shortly after, he runs away. Additionally, he killed and assumed the real Creed Bratton’s identity.

Who got paid the most in the office?

Steve CarellAll three actors get paid more per line spoken as the show progresses. Steve Carell earns the most money per spoken line. The difference seems to be increasing as the show goes on. Jenna Fischer seems to be making slightly more than John Krasinski per line spoken.

Which friends episode is most watched?

The One After the Superbowl”The One After the Superbowl” is the most-watched episode in the history of Friends, with a total of 52.9 million viewers tuned in after the Super Bowl ended.

Why did Steve Carell leave office?

The Heartbreaking Reason Steve Carell (A.K.A. Michael Scott) Left ‘The Office’ … According to sound mixer Brian Wittle and hairstylist Kim Ferry, Steve spilled during a BBC interview that he might leave after season 7 because the final year of his contract was looming.

What’s the number one show on Netflix?

The Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows on Netflix Right NowThe Holiday Movies That Made Us.Sugar Rush Christmas.Are You The One?The Office.Boss Baby: Back In Business.Cocomelon.The Crown.The Queen’s Gambit.More items…•

What is the least watched episode of the office?

Get The GirlGet The Girl has the lowest rating of any episode of The Office ever on IMDb.

Why the office is a bad show?

The show’s awfulness stems from one simple fact: The characters — pretty much every single one of them — were all bad people. Sure, the show wanted you to see Michael Scott (Steve Carell) was a well-meaning boss who simply lacked self-awareness and tried too hard to make people like him.

What are the best episodes of The Office?

Here’s my Top 10.1. “ A.A.R.M.” — Season 9, Episode 22.2. “ The Dundies” — Season 2, Episode 1. … 3. “ Golden Ticket” — Season 5, Episode 19. … 4. “ The Deposition” — Season 4, Episode 12. … 5. “ The Job”— Season 3, Episodes 24-25. … 6. “ Casino Night” — Season 2, Episode 22. … 7. “ Dinner Party” — Season 4, Episode 13. … 8. “ … More items…•

What are the Top 10 Funniest Office episodes?

The 15 Funniest Episodes of The Office8 The Surplus.7 Beach Games.6 Stress Relief.5 Money.4 Diversity Day.3 The Dundies.2 Dinner Party.1 The Injury.More items…•

What is the most watched Office episode?

Stress ReliefIn its original American broadcast on February 1, 2009, “Stress Relief” was viewed by 22.9 million viewers in 13.34 million homes, according to Nielsen Media Research, making it the most watched episode of The Office and the only episode to reach over 20 million viewers.

Will the office make a comeback?

When will The Office reboot be released? According to Bonner, Netflix still has the rights to The Office until January 2021, so fans will have to wait until after that for any type of reboot to take place. “The Office comes back to us in January 2021,” Hammer shared.

What is the funniest episode of the office?

Top 10 Funniest Episodes of The OfficeMoney (Season 4, Episode 4) … Dinner party (Season 4, Episode 9) … Dwight Christmas (Season 9, Episode 9) … Murder (Season 6, Episode 10) … Frame Toby (Season 5, Episode 9) … The Convict (Season 3, Episode 9) … Niagara part 1 (Season 6, Episode 4) … Diversity Day (Season 1, Episode 2)More items…•

What is the most watched episode of The Office on Netflix?

Stress Relief1 Stress Relief (22.9 Million) Topping off the list as the most-viewed Office episode of all time is “Stress Relief.” It pulled in a whopping 22.9 million viewers, airing directly after the Super Bowl in 2009. The Season 5 episode has Dwight staging a fire drill in order to prepare the Scranton gang for a real fire.

Whats the worst season of the office?

Ranked: All Seasons Of The Office2 SEASON 2.3 SEASON 3. … 4 SEASON 5. … 5 SEASON 1. … 6 SEASON 7. … 7 SEASON 6. … 8 SEASON 9. The final season of the show was an improvement over season eight, but it was by far from the best season. … 9 SEASON 8. Season eight was a time where The Office was really struggling to restructure itself. … More items…•

Why is the Office Season 1 so bad?

With just 6 episodes, Season 1 lacks depth. It is unable to give enough screentime and storylines to the characters on the show. While some are simply sidelined, some others like Michael become caricatures because of the restricted 6 episode run of the first season.